Restaurants where you can eat a good ‘arròs amb fava’ in Benitatxell

  • From April 16th to 19th, every day, a restaurant in the municipality will be preparing this typical dish as part of the Broad Bean Gastronomic Days.

The ‘fava poblera’ takes the spotlight next week at El Poble Nou de Benitatxell. The municipality is dedicating a festival to its star product, the Mitjafava Fest, and among the activities on the programme are the Gastronomic Days of the ‘Fava’ (Broad Bean).

From Tuesday April 16th to Friday April 19th, every day, a restaurant in the municipality will prepare a special menu with a rice dish with broad bean as the main ingredient. The most typical dish at El Poble Nou is ‘arròs amb fava pelà (rice with peeled broad beans), a rather thick rice dish made with dried and peeled broad beans (hence its name), which is typical of a few villages in La Marina Alta, such as Benitatxell, Xàbia and Jesús Pobre. In the past, it was cooked for half a day and a dish was kept for the evening, when the farmers who worked from sunrise to sunset would return home and eat «de recapte».

The gastronomic days will begin at Bar La Trillaora (reservation phone number: 647 60 67 84) on Tuesday 16th, followed by Restaurante La Cumbre (96 649 32 13) on Wednesday 17th and El Raconet de Celeste (662 40 51 52) on Thursday 18th, and will be closed by Bar Ca Toni Mònica (96 649 36 36) on Friday 19th. To guarantee a proper service, reservations must be made in advance.